About Virtual Sports Leagues

Virtual Sports Leagues is a network of esports promoters working together to leverage the growing popularity of mobile games to help non-profit organizations raise money.  All Virtual Sports Leagues games, tournaments and leagues are played on the FireFan interactive sports app that allows people to play along with live, professional sporting events. 


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Virtual Sports Leagues faciliatates the distribution of millions of dollars in funding to hundreds of community based, 501(c)3 organizations throughout the United States 



One million Virtual Sports Leagues player-partners generating funding for 100 commmunity based, 501(c)3 organizations. 




Virtual Sports Leagues first series events are the Virtual Football Fundraising Tournaments played on the FireFan sports app.


Starting in November, 2016, each week Virtual Sports Leagues will select five NFL Games including the Thursday night games, the Sunday night games and Monday night games.  Players choose three games out of the five games to play.  The player with the most points from their three games wins!  


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